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Egg Donor and Egg Adoption

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We briefly discussed looking into an egg donor or egg adoption.  I did some research and I am not sure about either of these processes.  An egg donor is someone who will go through the IVF process minus the embryo transfer.  An egg donor is usually a family member or friend who is willing to give a couple their eggs for fertilization.

Egg adoption is someone who has extra frozen eggs form their own IVF cycle that they will not be using.  The egg adoption can be matched with my ethnicity, personality etc.

The cost for both of these from what I read online is about $25,000 as insurance usually does not cover most of these procedures.  In egg adoption the female may request to have the babies birth date, sex and frequent updates about their lives.  In addition neither of these options is a guarantee.  Yes the egg could be of better quality but will my uterus still take it and turn the embryo into becoming pregnant.

When I look at both of these options they do not seem doable.  The cost and risk is too high to not have a guarantee of positive results.  At least out right adoption is a guarantee, but the price is too high as well between $30,000 – $40,000.

It is so sad that adopting a newborn is so difficult and costly.  There are so many couple who would make great parents, but cannot afford to adopt.  Then you have kids having kids who should not be even having babies..

I talked to Pete about the CPS adoption option again, but he was not having any part of that decision.  He pretty much said no as he does not want to raise someone else’s child.


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