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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I spoke with Dr Burger this afternoon and she was very nice, candid and frank with me.  She did not suggest I try a fourth round of IVF becuase my body is responding the same with each cycle.  In a nut shell my egg quality is just not good, therefore I am not becoming pregnant.  She confirmed we did everything we could and everything she could to get the best results.

If we did want to move forward she suggested using a donor egg.  The donor egg comes from a much younger woman so the egg quality is much higher.  The results are about 80% become pregnant within my age group using an egg donor.  In my mind why would we use an egg donor if there is not a 100% chance of us becoming pregnant.  Plus shelling out another $25,000 for that egg donor.  We may as well spend another $10,000 and just adopt, which is full proof.

I told Dr Burger we will not be moving forward with an egg donor etc.  She definitely understood where we were coming from with the risks not being %100.  I told Dr Burger thank you for being thorough and her nurse Jamie and the staff have been great.  I would recommend the Texas Fertility Clinic to anyone who is going through IVF.  Dr Burger was very thankful for my nice comments.  She was genuinely surprised I said nice things, considering I did not get my desired outcome.  She stated most people are not that kind and are usually bitter.  I was shocked by this because the clinic and Dr Burger could not have done anything more.  In the end it is your body, the quality of eggs, health etc.

At least Pete and I know we did everything we could to get the results we wanted.

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