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Back To Our Normal Lives – Results Negative

Friday, August 31, 2012

I went and did the blood work this morning.  I did not get the results until around 4:00pm this afternoon.  The results came back negative.  I can say I was absolutely and totally shocked.  I really thought we had it this time.  My heart sunk to the floor.  The nurse Jamie said Dr Burger was out of the office, but she will have her give me a call next week.

I stayed at work for another 20 minutes and left.  I called Pete and he was totally bummed.  He also thought we would get positive results this time.  Through my tears I told Pete I had tried so hard to do the right things.  I was not drinking caffeine, alcohol, staying stress free and going to acupuncture twice a week.  He does not think any of things played a part in whether the outcome was positive or negative.  It all really comes down to egg quality.  The grades of the eggs that were transferred were grade 3 and 4, which are on a low quality level.  The best grade in order to become pregnant is grade 1 and 2.

I got home and texted friend and sent out emails etc.  Everyone was very sympathetic and offered very kind words.

My heart is heavy, saddened and broken.  Especially since it is so final.  There is no other chances or anything else I think we can do.  So, we are now back to our normal lives of drinking caffeine, having a glass of wine and going to our favorite restaurants.  I am typing this with a glass of red wine in my hand and in the process of order dinner from Austin’s Pizza.  The only diapers we will be changing in this house are Zoey’s.


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