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About Our Conceiving Journey And IVF Decision

Here is the re-cap of what my husband and I have been going through in trying to conceive.  We started trying to conceive in Dec. 2010.  I had an initial check up and based on my age etc. my FSH levels were 11 which is apparently quite low.  This means about a %50 chance of one of my eggs being fertilized. The doctor recommended trying to get pregnant for several months on our own.  After 3 to 4 months of tracking ovulation and negative pregnancy tests my doctor suggested putting me on the medicine Clomid. The tables Clomid is suppose to release more than one egg for higher chances of fertilization.  After being on Clomid for several months we were still not pregnant.   It was now time to get my husband checked out for any potential issues.  The results came back and showed low motility and sperm count.  The urologist recommenced taking some herbal pills to help increase the sperm count.  After several months of still trying to get pregnant we realized this was not going to happen on our own. 

I had heard the IVF process was quite expensive around $15,000 to $18,000.  I thought why not check with my insurance to see if this type of procedure is covered.  It turns out that my insurance covers three infertility treatments per lifetime with a max out of pocket of $2,500.  When we found out how well the insurance would cover the IVF we decided to move forward with that plan.  We will make a couple of appointments to see which fertility treatment center works best for us.

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