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Day 19 – Embryo Transfer + 1 / Acupuncture

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are now one day after the embryo transfer.  I took the day off to make sure I did not have too much stress.  The last couple of rounds of IVF I was so concerned and worried about work I think that stress may have affected the results.  Until I get the pregnancy test results on Aug 31st me, myself and I are number one.

I did log into work and send some customer follow up emails, but did not let anyone know I was online.  The last thing I needed was a bunch of IM’s.  I plan on not letting anything get to me and not get upset by a customer or a sales rep.  It is flowy me for a week.

I started taking doxycycline to ward off any infection from the embryo transfer.  In addition I started Medrol, which is called hatching meds. In addition Pete is still giving me the progesterone IM injections every morning.  Those are going fine.

Medrol is a steroid hormone commonly used in IVF cycles. While the actual benefit of Medrol has not been established, it may help prevent the body from rejecting the transferred embryos.

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