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Day 18 – Embryo Transfer

Monday, August 20, 2012

All went well today.  We had two embryos that were transferred.  Of course I was a nervous wreck.  Luckily I was able to take Vallium before we left, which helped tremendously.  When I checked in we got our own room again which we loved.  The nurse gave me another Vallium while we were filling out the paperwork.  During an embryo transfer you need to have a full bladder so the ultrasound can help guide the catheter.  I had to pee so baaaaaad!!!  The nurse let me go halfway just as long as I drank a bottle of water.  We had a deal.

Pete was actually able to go in the room with me during the transfer.  The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes and we were done.  Pete was fascinated by the ultrasound screen as he could see the catheter being inserted into my uterus.  I was not as quite interested as he was as I just wanted the procedure to be over.  BTW the booties I was able to keep this time around were awesome!

After I laid down for twenty minutes I was able to get up and pee.  I declined the bladder catheter to drain my bladder because last time I got a horrible infection.  The Vallium sure kicked in and I was so sleepy.  I rested for about another 40 minutes and then we were able to leave.

After we left we went to one of my favorite Thai places called Satay.  Pete does not care for Thai food but took me there anyway.  He ended up getting a dish that seemed to be okay.  The Thai food was so good my stomach was smiling.

Pete had to go back to work which was fine since I was so tired from the Vallium.  I fell asleep right away and did not wake up till 5:00pm.  I took tomorrow off of work so I could take it easy and have less stress.

I was also able to start the progesterone IM shots instead of the Cronine gel.  Sooooooo glad.

We now have to wait until Aug 31st to see if the embryos took, planted etc.


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