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IVF Summary – Things You Are Not Told About IVF

Sunday, January, 20, 2013 I have finally come to terms with us not being able to have kids.  If we do decide to adopt down the road there is always time.  We have kept our heads held high through this infertility process.  Remember to keep smiling as this is a long road no matter what […]


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Tomorrow Is The Day

Thursday, August 30, 2012 Well, tomorrow is the day that we find out if we are negative or positive.  I have been trying to keep really calm, but subconsciously I believe I am anxious.  I have been up since 4:00am because I could not sleep.  We really do feel that it will work this time […]


Day 21 – Embryo Transfer + 3 / Acupuncture

Thursday, August 23, 2012 Just a small update.  My breasts hurt and I am cramping from the progesterone.  But all of this is normal.  I am still taking the doxycycline and medrol.  Luckily no side effects from either of those pills. I have completely cut out the caffieine until I get the results next week.  […]


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Day 19 – Embryo Transfer + 1 / Acupuncture

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 We are now one day after the embryo transfer.  I took the day off to make sure I did not have too much stress.  The last couple of rounds of IVF I was so concerned and worried about work I think that stress may have affected the results.  Until I get […]


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Day 14 – Acupuncture

Thursday, August 16, 2012 I went to acupuncture today, which is perfect timing since my egg retrieval is tomorrow. The acupuncturist did a back treatment to help with the overall flow and stress in my neck. I always feel extra hungry after leaving my acupuncture appointments.


Day 11 & 12 – Acupuncture, Bloodwork, Ultrasound, Lupron, Menopur, Follistim & Dexamethasone

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 I had my ultrasound today and the five follicles I have that are responding to meds are growing. I have two on the left side at 18.8m and 12m.  On the right side I have three at 16.5m, 15.5m & 13m Tonight was my last night for stimulating injections. The egg retrieval […]


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Day 8 & 9 – Acupuncture, Bloodwork, Ultrasound, Lupron, Menopur, Follistim & Dexamethasone

Saturday, August 11, 2012 What a day.  I started off at CPL around 8:10am to get my estradiol levels drawn.  I had acupuncture at 9:00am and then my ultrasound at 10:15am.  Luckily the doctor was running late for the ultrasound because so was I. My estradiol levels are at 383%.  My ultrasound still showed only […]


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Day 7 – Acupuncture, Lupron, Menopur, Follistim & Dexamethasone

Thursday, August 9, 2012 Very, very tired today. I was reading some IVF blogs and they were saying the steroid gave them insomnia. I think I am having the opposite problem. I am flipping exhausted. I actually feel like shit today.  The meds this round are making feel really bloated and crampy. I had acupuncture […]


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Acupuncture – Ear Seeds

Sunday, July 22, 2012 I had another acupuncture appointment today.  I went to a new place where I had purchased a groupon.  The new place Elm Acupuncture is closer to the office and they take my insurance.  I already paid Reproductive acupuncture a first payment.  I am going to go to both places and alternate […]


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Saturday July 7, 2012 I had my second acupuncture appointment today.  I met with Alison who was also very nice like Misty. This time I laid on my back and she put a needle on the top of my head, in the middle of my brow, on my stomach, wrist, ankles and shins. The needles […]



The Texas Center For Reproductive Acupuncture

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 Today I had my first acupuncture appointment at The Texas Center For Reproductive Acupuncture  http://www.texasfertilityacupuncture.com/.  I actually was not nervous at all.  I think since I have been poked and prodded so much lately this is a cake walk.  Acupuncture treatments facilitate and improve blood circulation throughout the body, and help […]



Day 4 Menopur ,Follistim & Lupron

Saturday, May 19, 2012 Today is day 4 of the shots.  I was very glad to get rid of the fever I had this afternoon.  Feeling even a tad better makes such a big difference.  I have been emailing an old friend from high school who has gone through IVF.  She is now 7 months […]


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