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Day 16 – Egg Retrieval + 1

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I woke up feeling worlds better today.  I am still walking slow as to be careful not to hurt myself.  I accompanied Pete to the grocery store and Costco today.  He did all the heavy lifting, pushed the carts etc.  It did feel good to do something normal.  Pete also did well staying with my slow pace.

Out of the 8 eggs.  We have 3 that are not mature, 5 that are mature, 1 did not fertilize and two that are for sure fertilize.  The other two they are unsure of yet as the cells haven’t started to divide.

I got a call from the nurse this evening to confirm the time of the embryo transfer.  Unfortunately, my doctor is out of town on a family emergency so she will not be doing the transfer.  Another female Doctor Hansard at my request will be doing the transfer.  Of course this put me into a nervous frenzy as I am so used to my doctor.  I know sometimes these things cannot be helped.

On a good note later in the evening my doctor who is out of town actually called me to put my worries at ease and apologized for being out of town.  I thought that was really good of her to give me a call.

The embryo transfer will take place on Monday, August 19, 2012 at 12:15pm.  We need to be at the St David’s Surgery Center at 11:15am


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