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Day 15 – Egg Retrieval

Friday,  August 17, 2012

Well it is egg retrieval day.  We have to check in at 8:15am.  We went to the Austin IVF, which also has a St David’s center in the same building.  We walked in and the nurse Kristy greeted us and took us to our own private room.  This was really nice to have our own space to leave our bags etc.  Plus it is more quiet so other patients do not hear me freak out when the IV is inserted.  This nurse was so great.  She put the IV in my arm instead of my hand.  I did have her numb me first, which always works best for me.

My vein started spasming from the anesthetic but she was able to get it in place.  Once they wheeled me to the OR the anesthesiologist started the relaxing meds and I was out.  Next thing I knew I was awake and back in the room.  Pete had not returned yet from giving his sample.  I rested for about an hour before we were discharged.

This round I thought I was feeling okay at first.  We went to eat lunch at La Madeline.  On the way home nausea set in.  I came home sat in our stress less chair with a heating pad.  I was out for hours.

I wasn’t feeling well the rest of the day.  I was taking tylenol regularly and it helped a little bit.  I so hope I feel better tomorrow


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