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Day 17 – Egg Retrieval + 2

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I started the cronine gel this morning for the first time.  This is a vaginal gel that gets inserted with an applicator.  Once inserted you squeeze the gel inside the vagina wall.  Let me tell you it was quite painful and uncomfortable.  I took out the applicator and I was bleeding.  In addition I was immediately cramping with horrible back pain.  Also all day today it stung to pee and I was wiping blood.  Maybe I didn’t insert it correctly, I am not sure.

I would rather have the IM shot everyday that use this cronine gel. I am going to send an email to the nurse to see if I can switch.  Of course now I am nervous about tomorrow since I am sore in that area.  I hope it goes away by the morning.


CRINONE is administered vaginally, once or twice daily. Each applicator is individually packaged, for one-time use. After administration, a small amount of CRINONE will be left in the tube—you will still be receiving the proper dose. Once in the vagina, CRINONE coats the vaginal wall, where the progesterone is absorbed and transported directly to the uterus


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