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Day 3 Shots – Menopur & Follistim

Friday, February 17, 2012

Okay so I am a dumb ass.  I saw on the Menopur website I should be using 1 vile, which is 2ml for every 300IU.  So I have been using the 2 ml for 4 viles of powder.

I read the directions from RMA and it states to use 1ml for every 4 viles of powder.  So tonight I iced the shot area before hand and Pete gave me the Menopur shot.  What a world of difference.  The shot did not sting nearly as much.  This was such a big relief.  I do not think tomorrow I will be nervous over the shots anymore.

The Follistim shot was fine this evening.  Also so far no side effects from the medicine and no bruising from last night.

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