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Saturday, October 13, 2012

I have been looking into other ways of possibly adopting.  My sister has a friend who emailed me some information on Open Adoption.  There are a couple of definitions of Open Adoption.  The one people know about the most is if you adopt the birth parents could possibly want an open adoption.  This includes seeing the kids regularly and getting updates from the adoptive parents.

The Open Adoption I am referring to is where the adoptive couple does the researching themselves. The process starts with the adoptive parents creating a website about their lives, interests and why they want to adopt  A lawyer is then hired on to do the legal paperwork.  The adoptive couple will then advertise in the newspaper stating great married couple looking to adopt.  This allows any women who wants to give their baby up for adoption can reach out to a potential couple.  The cost for this process is about $15,000  This is about half the price of going though an adoption agency.  The risks include the process being very time consuming, along with the possibility of the birth mother changing her mind at the last minute.  One would have to be ready for the emotional turmoil if this were to happen.  My sisters friend got their newborn baby in about 9 months.

My husband is still not keen on the idea of any type of adoption.  He wants to get our finances and some house improvements in order before we spend any additional funds.  We are about $13,000 in debt from the three rounds of IVF.  In addition Pete is in the process of going to school to get his MBA so he does not have a lot of time with full time work and part time school.  We discussed putting off the adoption research for another year.  I am semi okay with that, but it is a good compromise.  For now I will focus my energies on my new nephew that will be coming home from Russia in a couple of weeks.  Pete’s sister is adopting another child from Russia, he is about 22 months old now.  They get to bring him home in the first week of November.


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