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Weeks Have Now Passed

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weeks have now passed since we received the news about our negative results.  I still think of possibly adopting a child from CPS.  There are so many kids on their website that need homes.  Pete is pretty much against this idea as these kids probably have a lot of emotional issues.  In addition we cannot raise the child with our values, beliefs, manners, etc.  Also, bringing in another child that is older would not just have an affect on us but an affect on the rest of the family.

I still think it might be worth a meeting with CPS to see what it takes to be a foster parent or adopt.  We will see as there is time to make this decision.

People around me continue to become pregnant.  My old kickboxing instructor is now pregnant.  Oh well just was not in our family story book.  We will focus on the family we have and make the most out of our precious time together.

As each day passes there are things that for a brief moment make you think about your what if family.  Simple stuff like those family stick people stickers you see on the back of everyones car.  I love them and put off getting one until I knew our end result.  I will now order one with Pete and I and our three dogs.  But anything as simple as stickers could make you tear up.  The days will get easier.

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