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Day 8 & 9 – Acupuncture, Bloodwork, Ultrasound, Lupron, Menopur, Follistim & Dexamethasone

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What a day.  I started off at CPL around 8:10am to get my estradiol levels drawn.  I had acupuncture at 9:00am and then my ultrasound at 10:15am.  Luckily the doctor was running late for the ultrasound because so was I.

My estradiol levels are at 383%.  My ultrasound still showed only three follicles on each side responding.  The right side of the ovaries has follicles of 10cm, 10cm and 11 cm.  The left side has follicles of 9cm, 9c, and 8cm.  This is the same pattern that happened the last two rounds.  I was hoping for more follicles to respond to the IVF meds.  My next appointment is Tuesday at 8:30am.  So time will tell.

Still feeling like shit, crampy and bloated.


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