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Acupuncture – Ear Seeds

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I had another acupuncture appointment today.  I went to a new place where I had purchased a groupon.  The new place Elm Acupuncture is closer to the office and they take my insurance.  I already paid Reproductive acupuncture a first payment.  I am going to go to both places and alternate each visit.  The doctor put something on my ears yesterday called ear seeds.  The ear has different points that stimulate different parts of the body.  I am suppose to keep them in for several days.  The tape is really tough so it is suppose to withstand water.  We will see.  The seeds are kind of pointy so every once in awhile they do hurt.  Below is a description of exactly what the seeds are and what they do to help your system.

How is ear acupuncture used in a treatment?

Ear acupuncture is generally incorporated into a regular acupuncture treatment. In addition to using acupuncture points on the rest of the body, your acupuncturist may select a few ear acupuncture points that they feel will be helpful for your particular condition.

What are ear seeds and ear tacks?

Ear acupuncture points may be stimulated for a longer period of time by using ear seeds or ear tacks. Ear seeds are small seeds from the Vaccaria plant. These seeds are held in place on the ear with a small piece of adhesive tape. Ear seeds may be left in the ear for a few days or up to two weeks. Ear tacks are very small needles with an adhesive backing. Ear tacks are inserted into the ear and left in the ear for a few days or up to one week.

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