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Day 4 Menopur ,Follistim & Lupron

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Today is day 4 of the shots.  I was very glad to get rid of the fever I had this afternoon.  Feeling even a tad better makes such a big difference.  I have been emailing an old friend from high school who has gone through IVF.  She is now 7 months pregnant with twins.

The protocol I am currently on was the one her RE thought was best for her to start the IVF process.   This is a more aggressive protocol to get more eggs in each follicle.  I am so hoping this works for me as well as it did for her.

I was reading on the Internet about ways to make the egg count increase.  I found out eating a high protein diet, acupuncture and keeping your stomach warm with a heating pad could help.  I may as well give it a shot as two out of the three are easy.  I am not sure about the whole acupuncture thing.  I am already having to give myself three shots every night.  I am not keen on having little needles put into my hands, feet, arms, temple etc.

I may research more about what occurs during an acupuncture appointment.

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