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Day 3 Menopur ,Follistim & Lupron / 2nd Hep B Shot

Friday, May 18, 2012

I forgot to mention that during this second IVF cycle I am on my period.  So on top of the shots I have to deal with menstrual cramps.  The stupid tylenol hardly helps me at all. I cannot take any ibuprofen because it can mess with the IVF meds.

I have been feeling like crap since last night.  Uneasy, queasy, headaches and cramps.  I went to the doctor today to get my second shot in the Hep B series.  I ended up having a temperature of 101.3.  I was surprised at first then maybe not so much.  That would explain why I was feeling so crappy.  But what doesn’t make sense is I have been taking tylenol three times a day since Wednesday.  The doctor thought maybe doing the IVF meds, and having my period at the same time that my body could not keep up.

Anyway I got the Hep B shot today and the last one will be in October.  Tonight I had Pete give me the Lupron shot since it is the hardest one and stings the most.  I am getting quite used to this shot thing.  I gave myself the other two shots while Pete fed the pups and started the ingredients for our dinner.

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